Peace of Mind Packages

Peace of Mind Packages

Let’s Get It Started visit- A registered nurse will provide education related to the type of delivery you will be having. You will learn about true vs false labor, the stages of labor, and when to call your provider. We will also provide lactation education (breast assessment to determine if intervention is needed before labor) and start developing your postpartum plan of care


Safe Landing visit- 2 visits by a registered nurse. One visit 24-48 hours after discharge and the other visit 3 weeks postpartum. We provide assessments for mom and baby, infant massage instruction, feeding evaluation, baby and self-care basics reinforcement, nutrition evaluation, and environmental assessment



Kit Kat (Gimme a Break) visit- A nurse will offer respite care which includes baby assessment and care while you shower, eat, sleep, refresh, and recharge. The nursery area will be organized and straightened and any newborn laundry in the nursery will be folded and put away


Rock a Bye Baby visit- A Kit Kat visit, just overnight! 8 hours (10pm - 6am)


Early Discharge visit-(covered by most insurance companies with a provider order)- Mom and baby assessment to include newborn weight and bilirubin check if needed. Home recovery will allow you to bond better, sleep better, feed better, and feel better!

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